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 *****ADMIN RULES*****

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PostSubject: *****ADMIN RULES*****   Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:12 am

Today Was are second day here and i many people telling me my admins are abusing there admin i i have took away many commands and made some admin rules i want all admins to read it :


(1.) When Some Kills you in buy room or spawn YOU WARN THEM IN CHAT nothing else if they reply to you in a bad comment who cares doesnt matter just dont reply back but if they kill in spawn or buyroom the 2nd time you slay them! After that second warning if they continue Bann him 5 min with the consle command AND MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IN THE TIME OF BAN U GAVE HIM IN REASON this is importint i dont want them to think they got perm ban.Here is an example of a ban amx_ban Fanta "500" "500min ban cause u spawn" MAKE SURE you include the time of ban yo did in readon and do not forget the quotes.

(2.)If anyone Disrespect you You warn them in chat do not use admin commands on them to warn for example you slap them as a warn after that if they contine you slay them and DO NOT FIGHT WITH THEM if they curse at you do not curse back. If they continue you ban them for 5 min and make sure you write the time of ban in the reason so in this cause you type 5min ban for.... in reason.

Note : Banning useing the menu does not work so just ban people trou consle
amx_ban "name" "time" "reason" including the quotes

(3.) I do not want my admins to play with there fun commands at all and i also do not want them to play in spec that ...thats just really gay..and it gets people pissed so from now on i will only be giving them amx commands not uaio commands

Any question Please make a post in this section.
http://ugamer.forumclan.com/report-an-admin-abuser-f2/admin-abusers-t62.htm#104 <-- example


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PostSubject: Re: *****ADMIN RULES*****   Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:22 pm

lol and if they talk shit about u just gag em for like 5 min( 300 secs) not 20 min (1200 secs) cause thats annoying lol
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*****ADMIN RULES*****
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