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 How to play Call Of Duty MOD server

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PostSubject: How to play Call Of Duty MOD server   Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:55 am


Choosing your class

Before doing anything, you have to choose your class. Type /class and then choose one of the following classes (remember that you can change your class at any time):

- Sniper: Receives AWP, Deagle and Scout & 120 HP, 110 Speed, 100 Armor.

- Commando: Receives Deagle & 130 HP, 135 Speed, 100 Armor.

- Sharpshooter: Receives AK47, M4A1 & 110 HP, 80 Speed, 100 Armor

- Protector: Receives M249, 250hp & All grenades, Immune to mines, 200 Armor.

- Medic: Recieves UMP45 & 150 HP, 100 Armor. Pressing E heals yourself.

- Fire Support: Recieves MP5 & 100 HP. Pressing E lets you launch a rocket (two rockets per life)

- Sapper: Recieves P90 & 100 HP, 100 Armor

- Demolitions: Recieves AUG and all grenades & 130 HP, 100 Armor. Pressing E lets you use a dynamite.

- Rusher: Recieves M3 & 100 HP, 145 Speed

- Rambo: Recieves Famas & 130 HP, 120 Speed, 100 Armor. Every kill restores 20 HP and can double jump.

Leveling up

Every time you kill an enemy, you gain EXP. After you've gathered enough EXP, you level up and you receive 2 stat points, which can be added to these attributes (Level ups are independent to each class).:

- Intelligence: Increases the amount of damage of items or your special skill.
- Life: Increases your Max HP.
- Strength: Increases your defense (reduces damage inflicted by enemies).
- Condition: Increases your movement speed.


When you kill three or more people without dying, you can unlock killstreak perks. To activate them, type /ks to unlock them. List of available perks:

3 kills = UAV

4 kills = Counter UAV

5 kills = Predator Missile

6 kills = Harrier Airstrike

15 kills = EMP

20 kills = Tactical Nuke


You receive an item after you kill an enemy. Type /item to see the description of your current item. If you dont want the item anymore, type /drop.

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How to play Call Of Duty MOD server
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