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 Leaving off Again?

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PostSubject: Leaving off Again?   Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:40 am

(Had to censored them, because I will use alot of them.)
Hmm, It seems that ppls doesn't want me here anymore, cause they're saying I do s**t on that community and won't even help the f**k out. Saying i'm a dumbf**k, stupid ass s**t, a f**king bitch that can't do anything.

I just want to clarify one f**king thing:
If your saying i'm doing s**t on that community, well fine. Say whatever the f**k you want. Cause I don't give a s**t about what your saying.
It's like, all the things i'm f**king saying to you, pass from one of your f**king ears to the other. It's like you don't give a s**t that I should be here. You don't want of me? Well, why don't you just say to the others that I have bad reputation here and just spamming the others to get me f**king kicked off the crew.

Just to know: I did more things than you, homeboy. Want me to say all the things I did?
Here's what I did:
- Made it to Special Member in less than 1 month.
- Made to Co-Owner after I left and made a cameback.
- Putted dproto on ALL servers to get more ppls.
- Made the Deathrun server.
- Helped the GunGame server (went full and was 15 in all NYC)
- Helped the Ventrilo
- Helped to get ALOT of my friends.
- Helped to organize the community.
- Had the reputation of ALL owners in less than 2 months.

And after, you say I'm the one who's the less hard working s**t on that server? Your disrespecting me the s**t off and making me f**king pissed off.
And If I REMEMBER CLEARLY, you were saying that you were to 1 f**king INCH to kick me out of the f**king crew. Is that what you want? Is that what you wish?
Well, if it's that what you think, why don't you do it NOW!
Live for it. Your wish will be done.

End of conversation.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving off Again?   Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:14 pm

even tho im not really part of this clan anymore u dont get the point do u...
theres always gonna be 1 or 2 dumbasses thats gonna say shit to u so just suck it up. either their in the clan or not and if u take it seriously then maybe just leave cause theres always gonna be some ppl that dont like u. but that doesnt mean every1 hates u... if u take everything too seriously even jokes then thats ur problem. if u wanna leave then leave its all up to u. just because ppl dont like u even if u are a co-owner i didnt like the ldr of an old clan of mine but i sucked it so suck it up or do watever the u fuking want to do and stop crying
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Leaving off Again?
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