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 HOW TO: Report Admin Abuse in Surf Server

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PostSubject: HOW TO: Report Admin Abuse in Surf Server   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:36 am

To report admin abuse in the Surf server, simply type in console:

amx_report "nameofabuser" "reasonwhyyouwereabused"

I will personally recieve and review all abuse complaints and act accordingly. The more admins we get, the more abusers there may be. If an admin is caught abusing, they will have their admin account temporarily disabled until the dispute is resolved.

When a player types the code "amx_report" in console, lists the admins name, and the reason for abuse, it will start a vote up for the entire server. If more than a certain percentage of players votes "Yes" (that the admin was truly abusing), I will be notified.

To the people who choose to abuse this plugin, you will be banned. Abuse can be anything really... but don't start making false accusations. As I said, it will only get you banned.

Eventually I'd like to incorporate this feature into all of the u|Gaming servers, in attempts to crack down on the admin abusers, and keep the u|Gaming community a fun place to spend your time.

Any questions can be directed to me via p/m.

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HOW TO: Report Admin Abuse in Surf Server
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