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 Admin rules when it comes to hackers

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PostSubject: Admin rules when it comes to hackers   Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:32 pm

The unfortunate thing about hacking is that you can never be truly 100% sure.
Unless you're standing right behind them seeing everything that they see AS they see it ... you can never be completely sure.

All anybody can do is watch their movements as closely as possible and reproduce what they 'MIGHT' be seeing by using programs like X-Spectate.

In general, finding cheaters has become a bit of an 'art' and the reason we've yet to write a help-guide or allow anybody but our Senior members to review demos is because of this. Speedhacking and blatant Aimbotting excluded, there is no black and white with cheaters. Its all one giant grey scale and you're forced to make the best possible decision.

HOWEVER -- as a policy of Ugaming whenever you're not 99.9% sure that somebody is guilty, GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! Even IF they're cheating, being able to disguise it to the point where you can't immediately tell earns them the right to last a little longer than your average hacker.

BE SURE BEFORE ANY ACTION IS TAKEN -- when in doubt keep watching ... ask for a second opinion .. gather more evidence!
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Admin rules when it comes to hackers
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