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 'READTHIS' Forum's under-going Construction!

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PostSubject: 'READTHIS' Forum's under-going Construction!   Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:33 am

Hello, most of you probably don't know me.

But I have been in Universal Gaming Community since the beginning, I actually helped create/think of the Community name.

I am currently fixing Forum's since Fanta is a noob and doesn't know what he's doing. <3

So, a proper introduction would be nice.

I am Darren, Owner/Co-Owner what ever you want to call it, I help manage uGaming Forums/Servers.

If you wish too add me on Steam my Steam UserName is 'Darrenleet'

If you need to contact me because of Hacker/spammer/Swearing/Disobeying rules/Being an asshole.

Feel free to add me on MSN at Slyfreaky@hotmail.com
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'READTHIS' Forum's under-going Construction!
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